Our Service to Tenants

Reuben Sadler will help you find a suitable home to rent and you can be assured of an efficient and professional service.

Once you have chosen a suitable property, we can guide you through the required referencing, which covers credit searches, identification, employment data and sometimes additional requirements depending on the landlord. However as we are keen to provide you with a rental propert and our landlords with good tenants we are more than happy to guide you through this process.

You will be required to pay in advance of occupying the property at least one month’s rent in advance and at least one month’s rent as a deposit (Some landlords may request a larger deposit than a sum equivalent to one month’s rent).

You will be provided a tenancy agreement to review, together with a detailed property inventory and condition of the property you intend to rent. We will assist in transferring the utility services into your name upon your occupation and discuss with you the future payment of rent.